Summer is waning fall is coming

With summer coming to a close and fall rapidly approaching before you know it we will be in the woods and marshes hunting our favorite prey. All good hunters know that like all sports, preparation is the key to execution.There’s nothing worse than heading to the woods in the fall only to find out your stand is falling apart and a mouse has a made a nest of your safety harness. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to actually gear up and head out to your favorite hunting spot in August to check all of your equipment. You can even shoot a few targets from your stand to help improve field accuracy. Also, be sure that your rangefinder has new batteries, and that your hunting knife and broadheads are sharpened.

Overgrown plants create a major obstacle when you’re trying to get to your stand quickly and quietly in the fall. Take some time during the summer to clear an access path to your hunting area, and be sure that you have multiple routes available depending upon the wind conditions. I lease land for gun hunting and hunt my brother in laws land for bow. I make sure my hotel arrangements are all set for the deer gun opener. There’s still plenty of summer left but the time to prepare for fall is now while you have time to fix things if needed.