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In app purchase feature of Season2Hunt

A week before my annual spring turkey hunt, Wisconsin had endured a powerful snow storm. Record snow of almost three feet fell north of Green Bay near where I hunt, resulting in me pushing my opener back a few days. As I made my way to my friend Jim’s house […]

Turkey Hunt Spring 2018

My house in Wisconsin where I’ve lived for more than twenty years has a small area of woods bordered by a large lawn owned by a church. The church land slopes to a narrow drainage ditch providing a source of water most of the year except for the driest months […]

Ducks Nesting In Your Backyard

One of the places I whitetail deer hunt are the hills and valleys of western Wisconsin. Often, hard to climb ridges make excellent deer stand locations, watching the trails and saddles running across the ridge below. My spring turkey hunts are usually in central Wisconsin but the fall hunt brings […]

Turkey Hunting Ridges and Valleys

The Pocket Ranger app has been discontinued by the Wisconsin DNR. No worries, the Season2Hunt app has all the hunting and fishing information you will need. Come see us at the Milwaukee Sports Show, State Fair Park, today through Sunday March 11.

Wisconsin DNR Pocket Ranger discontinued

Season2Hunt will have a display at the Milwaukee Sports Show today through Sunday March 11. Come see us at the GloPro lures booth.

Milwaukee Sports Show

The Spring 2018 seasons have been updated, however most of the fall seasons have not been finalized by the state governments yet. When they update the app will update.

Season2Hunt updates for 2018

Turkey Hunting - Season2Hunt App
The Weather and Turkey Hunting Different species are affected differently by weather. Whitetails for example don’t like to move during windy days but waterfowl do. Pheasant hunting on rainy days means the birds will sit tight in the cover or run. Turkeys are no different and this article explains the […]

The Weather and Turkey Hunting

Our Mission at Season2Hunt At Season2Hunt, whether your adventure is on land or water, we want you to be successful. In addition to¬† an app that has all the hunting information you need, we will post articles from experts in the field on our website to help you in that […]

Our Mission at Season2Hunt

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