With summer coming to a close and fall rapidly approaching before you know it we will be in the woods and marshes hunting our favorite prey. All good hunters know that like all sports, preparation is the key to execution.There’s nothing worse than heading to the woods in the fall […]

Summer is waning fall is coming

We arrived at the parking lot while it was still dark in the early morning of the Wisconsin duck opener. The early teal, youth and goose seasons had already taken place earlier in the month. My two friends Hal and Jim plus my oldest son and his friend  loaded up […]

Waterfowl opener 2018

I hunt waterfowl in Wisconsin and the regulations allow a  blind to be built on public land no more than seven days prior to the opening of waterfowl season as long as you remove it within seven days after the season ends. Check the regulations for specifics. You must attach […]

Building a duck blind in the marsh

I will be on Wisconsin Outdoor Radio with Dan Small discussing the app on Saturday August 25, 6 am channel 1130 WISN. Here is a link to the online version. My interview starts at the 30 minute mark.

Season2Hunt on Wisconsin Outdoor Radio with Dan Small

Season2Hunt is excited to announce a new in app purchase feature which allows you to try the app before buying it. Type in Season2Hunt in the app store for iPhone and the google play store for Android to get the app and start using it.

In app purchase feature of Season2Hunt

A week before my annual spring turkey hunt, Wisconsin had endured a powerful snow storm. Record snow of almost three feet fell north of Green Bay near where I hunt, resulting in me pushing my opener back a few days. As I made my way to my friend Jim’s house […]

Turkey Hunt Spring 2018

My house in Wisconsin where I’ve lived for more than twenty years has a small area of woods bordered by a large lawn owned by a church. The church land slopes to a narrow drainage ditch providing a source of water most of the year except for the driest months […]

Ducks Nesting In Your Backyard

One of the places I whitetail deer hunt are the hills and valleys of western Wisconsin. Often, hard to climb ridges make excellent deer stand locations, watching the trails and saddles running across the ridge below. My spring turkey hunts are usually in central Wisconsin but the fall hunt brings […]

Turkey Hunting Ridges and Valleys